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Heres a few of our most frequently asked questions…

 How much does it cost?

We charge £5 for the whole night. This gives you access to beginner and intermediate classes. There is also plenty of time to practice your moves, as we play music before, during and after the classes. You are not obliged to stay for the whole night, just do as much as you like.

 Is Jive easy to learn ?

Yes, It’s one of the easiest styles of dancing. You won’t need to go to many classes before you can easily get around with confidence on the dance floor.

  What is Jive and what will it do for me ?

Jive is a mixture of dances with a Latin feel. It’s fun and a very sociable hobby. It will help get you fit and keep you fit. It helps with your co-ordination and is another way of keeping your brain active.

 Is it as enjoyable as everyone says ?

Jive is a very addictive and fun way of spending your spare time. You can dance to almost anything as long as it has a beat. The people that go are very sociable people and gather together to have a fun time. It will give you a whole new social scene and a new group of friends.

 Do I need a partner ?

You don’t have to bring anyone else along, just turn up. There are lots of people at the classes to dance with, and we are all at different levels of learning. Don’t forget to ask Dave, Jacque and Roy for a dance.

  What should I wear ?

Wear light weight clothes as it usually gets nice and warm as the evening hots up. Shoes should be something that you can move easily in and maybe spin, nothing that will damage the dance floor please.

 What If I've never danced ?

We are all afraid we have two left feet, if you have, we might be able to find someone with two right ones. We all have to start somewhere and you shouldn’t worry. We teach a beginners class as well as intermediate classes. No one will be watching you make mistakes, we’ll all be too busy making our own!

 Should I book ?

There are no need to book up for classes unless you’d like one to one tuition. Turn up anytime and you will be made most welcome! You don’t have to be a member and you are not obliged to come every week.

 Will I like the music ?

It’s all subjective as you know. We have a list of music that we encourage people to add to on a weekly basis. We play all types of music, from the most modern to the 1940′s. We create a new play list each week. Some of the most popular artists are: Frank Sinatra, Elvis, Lady Gaga, Inna, Caro Emerald, Michael Buble……….

 Still not sure ?

Come along and see. It’s not a life time commitment and we pride ourselves on being friendly and very sociable. All of the elements are here, good music, friendly people, good exercise and an affordable fun night out.

If you still have any unanswered questions, please dont hesitate to Contact Us !